As restrictions begin to lift and children return to school, Buslink are ready to welcome your child back on board. We have operated continuously throughout the COVID 19 outbreak and our daily operation has evolved to ensure our vehicles are safe for our staff and customers. This includes:

  • All buses are now internally cleaned and sanitised daily and this includes the following key tasks:
    • Mopping the floors with disinfectant.
    • Wiping with disinfectant the drivers area and other surfaces that passengers regularly come in contact with.
    • Spraying all surfaces of the bus including the air-conditioning vents with sanitiser sprays.
    • Our air-conditioning filters are always cleaned fortnightly and this practice has continued.
  • All drivers are issued with hand sanitisers.
  • The key tasks listed as part of the daily internal cleaning and sanitising of buses is now also replicated internally in all building/structures within each of our depots and this includes offices, driver areas, kitchens and bathroom/toilet facilities.

It should be noted that this is in addition to the normal regular cleaning processes in place at Buslink.

In line with advice from Translink, another key measure we currently have in place is that we are not accepting cash fares on our vehicles. 

  • Students who have a part subsidised bus pass and normally pay a top up fee, will now only be required to show the bus pass (No fee to be paid).
  • Students who normally pay a cash fare only are to purchase a Go-Card and use this when boarding our vehicles. (Go-Card Store Locator –
  • There will be a two week grace period (Commencing Monday 25th May) for students who normally pay with cash to obtain a Go-Card.

In respect to the issue of social distancing on school buses, we have received the following advice from TransLink in this respect:

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Buslink on 07 5476 6622.