We all know what the wheels on the bus do, but on Thursday 23 July students from Mildura South Primary School got the opportunity to learn about bus safety.

So it was all aboard for safety at 9:30am as the BusVic travelling road show paid them a visit.

It was the first time the program had been delivered in Mildura and Principal Deb Chandler believed the schools high number of bus travellers needed lessons in safety and emergency procedures.

“We have 110 students who catch the bus to and from school at the moment,” Mrs Chandler said.

“It’s pretty rare you do experience an emergency, so it’s something that we haven’t really talked to students about.

“It’s been good for them to think about, for example, what to do if a fire broke out on a bus.

“A lot of it also talks about the older kids looking out for the younger ones in the event of an emergency or accident.”




Understanding the importance of being safe around buses

Keith Foote from BusVic spoke to students about a range of safety messages when at the bus stop, on board the bus and when leaving the bus.

Students then came aboard and our Buslink bus drivers, including our General Manager and Charter Co-Ordinator, ran through the do’s and don’ts of being a good passenger.

“Sometimes when students get on the bus they get excited and yell and scream,” Mrs Chandler said.

“We’re trying to teach them how important it is for the driver to be able to concentrate in order to keep everyone safe.”

Mrs Chandler said parents also played a role in teaching their children road safety.

“I have parents who walk in front of the bus to cross the road or call their children across the road to the car, which is a really unsafe practice.”

At the end of the one and a half hour Safety Session, the students were given fridge magnets and a BusVic Safe Bus Travel brochure that encourages safe bus travel and to be the ‘teachers’ at home. They also received colouring pencils, a down ball and a piece of fruit.

If your primary school is in the Sunraysia area and you are interested in having a Safe Bus Travel Session, please contact Buslink on 03 5023 0274 and we’d be happy to help.