Our Promise is to deliver a bus transport service that is cost-effective, easy and an enjoyable experience.

It’s important to keep the nation moving, and bus transport plays a vital role in keeping our communities connected to work, play and rest. Our conversation with you as a partner, passenger or employee is all about outcomes – how we can deliver, improve and adapt – to continually meet your needs and expectations.

We measure our performance through our four Service Excellence Benchmarks:



The success of Buslink is based on our people

Our people are our business, and our reputation is a hallmark of the quality of those that work with us.

Employing the right people is one of the ways we help ensure we continue to meet our customers’ expectations, in delivering reliable and high‐quality services. We employ high calibre people, then train and develop them in order to maintain a core team of skilled and experienced transport professionals.

Many of our people in senior positions have advanced through the business with experience in various roles and departments, ensuring a great understanding of the whole business. It is testament to the culture within our operations that we have a large number of staff that have reached 10, 15 and 20 years of service.

Across our operations, we employ over 550 employees incorporating;

  • Drivers
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Operations
  • Administration Staff
  • Management


Driving your way

The Buslink philosophy is ‘Driving your way’. This means that everything we do is for our customer, the bus passenger.

Our success as a business can be measured by our customers’ perceptions of our services, and we are proud of our reputation within the communities that we operate.

Our customers have high expectations of our services and these expectations are consistently met. Our contact and interaction with our customers covers the entire range of a customer’s experience with us.

Understanding of our customers is informed by Buslink’s years of experience operating passenger bus services since 1988, combined with an intimate knowledge of our local markets.

We know the issues which drive customer satisfaction include:

  • Availability and frequency of services
  • Reliability of services
  • On-board passenger comfort
  • Safety and security on and around our buses
  • Interaction between the passenger and our staff
  • Availability of customer information, from ticket sales through to onboard driver interactions and customer feedback


Delivering effective networks

Operations encompasses everything involved in delivering bus services for our passengers. There are a number of areas to be managed to ensure operational success. These include;

  • Network Management: We understand the networks that we operate, ensuring the delivery of reliable and punctual services.
  • Depot Facilities: We operate from depot facilities that enable management of our operations to a high standard.
  • Fleet Management: We provide a well maintained fleet of buses ensuring high levels of reliability.
  • Fleet Procurement: We procure the right fleet for the environments that we operate in.
  • Service Management: Our operational staff and drivers work together as the service is delivered ensuring reliability and punctuality across our networks.


Providing value to our partners

Buslink operates services for various stakeholders, including;

  • Urban, School and Special Needs services for transport authorities
  • Employee Transport services for private companies
  • Charter services for private companies, schools, and individuals.

Each of our operations has a dedicated finance team that understand the business, and are proactive in capturing efficiencies as they arise. Each operation reports monthly, enabling consolidation and benchmarking of operational and financial results to ensure that our operations are operationally effective and financially efficient.