Our three Pillars, which are the values we hold and the key drivers of our business fundamentally underpin our working relationships.

Having many stakeholders with different needs and wants requires us to continually work harder in how we strategically think, interact and advise.

Partnership approach

Buslink operates in a spirit of partnership with all of our stakeholders.

As a national business, Buslink understands that relationships, whether they are with our People, our Clients, our Clients’ customers, our suppliers or the communities in which we operate, are vital to our success. Building strong and meaningful relationships is a fundamental component to how Buslink operates and is central to the delivery of our bus services.

Buslink proactively engages with all stakeholders with a strong emphasis on partnership. Buslink has built strong relationships in the years since commencing operation in 1988 due to this approach. We engage with transport authorities to determine the best networks for our communities. We engage with contract managers in relation to providing effective employee transport services. We engage with schools to ensure Charter services are delivering required outcomes.

Buslink is an operator that always has, and always will, deliver services in partnership with all of our stakeholders.

Locally focused

Buslink is a national bus company, operating with a local focus.

We know the areas that we operate in and are engaged with our communities. Services are provided that meet the needs of the local communities and take into account the local environment. Australia is a large country and operating a bus service in the tropical climate of Darwin is significantly different to operating in Mildura on the Victoria / New South Wales border.

Examples of local focus include buses in Darwin that are purpose fitted with medical equipment and stretchers to be used in cyclone evacuations, and buses in Mildura fitted with snow chains for charters to the snowfields during the winter months.

Buslink also engages with local communities through sponsorship of local events and local clubs and through donations to charities that benefit the local community.

Valuing people

We value the people that are involved in Buslink.

We aim for all interactions with Buslink to be positive experiences and the first step in this is recognising value in people. This includes our people working at Buslink, our passengers travelling with Buslink, our partners in our joint ventures, our clients who engage us, and our contractors who work with us from time to time.

Valuing people means treating people with respect, acting with integrity, and delivering on expectations.

We believe that a pillar of ‘valuing people’ fosters a collaborative approach to our operations and is a vital component of our two other pillars.