As part of the local community in Sunraysia, Buslink is always ready to take the opportunity to help with local transport issues.

So when the Principal of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Primary School in Merbein, contacted us in 2014 about providing a potential new bus route, we were only too happy to help.

His concerns were about getting better public transport access for his NSW pupils. We recognised this was an important issue for himself and also for any NSW students studying at the P10 College, also in Merbein.

After consultation with both schools and Transport for NSW, we put in an application for a new Sunraysia bus route.

We’d like to thank Mr Chris Brouwers, (Principal of Our Lady’s in 2015), who has been very supportive and parents, who have been very patient throughout the application process.

We are happy to announce that the 955 (am) and the 956 (pm) services have been approved and will commence on 19th October 2015.

Servicing both pupils and the community

This route will not only service school pupils but anyone in the community that requires early morning or mid afternoon travel through Dareton, Curlwaa, Merbein and Mildura.

The service links with the 951/950 out of Wentworth and travels to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Primary School, Merbein P10 College, Mildura and Dareton in the morning (afternoon service in reverse).

The NSW Bus Co-Ordinator, Mr Robert Whitchurch said “it is fantastic when the Sunraysia and District Communities work together when it comes to improving the public transport needs for not only schools and parents but for the travelling community in general.”

We look forward to having the children from both schools and the community on board soon.

You can download a PDF of Sunraysia bus timetables and route maps, or if you have any queries about your bus service please contact Buslink on 03 5023 0274.