We want all our staff to be happy, healthy, and to be able to achieve their goals whether at work or in their personal lives.

Changing habits can be a challenge for everyone, as sometimes we tend to put things off that are difficult. However, with a little motivation and staff involvement, our team at Buslink Sunraysia has begun a fantastic Mental Health and Wellbeing Program that has been delivering some great results.

Firstly, we asked staff to think about three things:

  • Would they like a friendly hand to guide them towards a weekly challenge that will push their inner and mental strength
  • Would a weekly wave of enthusiasm be a positive idea towards a happier and healthier life, and;
  • Would shedding some kilograms make them to feel more self confident when looking in a mirror

There were a few raised eyebrows, but in a positive direction, and from here the Mental Health and Wellbeing Exercise Program was developed and began in early Feb 2016.

It was very important from the outset that it was based around individual needs and abilities – staff choose what they would like out of it and the intensity they would like to work at.

Some of the exercises and tasks in the weekly sessions are:

  • walking
  • body weight training (squats, push-up’s, sit-up’s, mountain climbing)
  • basic boxing
  • resistance band training

Many of these are performed outdoors around the Sunraysia area, as being in a light filled environment has been shown to elevate people’s mood.

Our special thanks goes to Administration Manager Ashlee Loveridge. She originally came up with the idea and helps to develop and manage the Program at Buslink Sunraysia. Also thanks to staff member Margie Wilson, who has been unbelievably enthusiastic in jumping on board to create the exercise program alongside Ashlee.

Margie holds a Certificate IV in Personal Training and has been in the industry for over 20 years. She has been training people for this long due to her love of seeing everyone take a step outside their comfort zone, achieve personal goals and lose weight/tone up. She says building confidence in a supportive environment ultimately leads to better mental and physical health.

The program has got off to a successful start. Along the way there has been lots of laughter, faces full of concentration and all staff involved have taken the step to a more positive and healthy lifestyle.