Buslink understands the importance of inclusivity for everyone in our community and our approach in building this website is to design it to be as accessible as possible and to welcome any feedback that can improve it’s performance.

    To change the text size on web browsers

    In your web browser menu select:

    Settings > Show advanced settings > Web content > Font size > choose a text size

    Internet Explorer
    View > Text Size > choose a text size

    View > Text Size > choose a text size

    View > Zoom > choose a percentage

    Link text

    All hyperlinks are clearly presented in a different text style from normal body text and highlight in a different colour when activated. Link text has also been designed to flow within copy so as not to intrude on the person reading.


    We have avoided using complicated grammar or jargon and used shorter, clear sentences and paragraphs where appropriate.

    Questions and feedback

    If you have any difficulty accessing information or if you have feedback for us, please contact us.